Your dreams can't last forever

The only proper thing to do to celebrate the end of #wondercon #medievaltimes #iwanttoplaywarband

IM NEVER GOING TO LET THIS GO #rottentomatoes #wondercon

#wondercon #translucid #imframingthis


I scared a turtle today. I felt so bad I never knew they could move that fast


when ur eating dinner at your friends house


and their parents start arguing


and you want to ask for the salt


but the salt is right in between their upcoming divorce


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-What’s the matter, Har? Some little filly break your heart?
-No, it was a girl.

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Irritated as fuck right now


aren’t fireworks beautiful

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Warning about Bunny Day in Animal Crossing New Leaf:



Once your town rolls over to bunny day, many rocks will spawn all over your town. This is for the purpose of breaking them to find Stone Eggs to turn in for Zipper T. Bunny’s prizes.

There’s a REALLY high chance that the event will glitch out where the rocks will not be removed the following day, and they’ll turn into normal unbreakable rocks.

So be sure to break all the rocks before the event ends in order to prevent this bug from happening!


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