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comic about how I’ve been feeling recently

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This is my baby now. Picture is blurry from my iPhone crying over the fact that I’ve moved on. It’s a Nikon d3300, fairly starter when it comes to DSLR but it’s already proved to meet my needs ten fold

In all fairness tumblr has shit people too but reddit gathers shit people neatly together

Oh man went on /r/adviceanimals because I forgot that was a thing and that’s why everyone on tumblr hates reddit

Thinking about if I had to be stuck in a room with redditors or tumblr-ers for forever hands down it’d be with anyone from tumblr. This site puts up creative shit. As much as “intelligent” reddit is, it’s literally bandwagon circle jerk. I remember there was a thread on Bill Nye, comments started off on shitting on Bill Nye for placing importance on STEM fields, then proceeded to just shit on everything “bad”he’s done. That was basically the rest of the entire thread. That’s basically how reddit works. If top comment is opinion A, the thread will be opinion A until the bottom.



I want to see a reality tv show where straight dudes have to read the shitty messages they send to women to their mothers.

to catch a redditor

Uh I actually go on reddit

And I can confirm yes they are that shitty

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I need to live with my boyfriend already
Make him suffer with me

My life is going to be me trying to go back to sleep at 5 am everyday




 i will reblog this as many times as it takes me to stop finding this funny

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$600 camera just to take pictures of cats

$600 camera just to take pictures of cats

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What if women had minstrel cycles instead of menstrual cycles? You’d just have a guy with a lute follow you around for a week every month and play you songs constantly?

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#no but can you imagine if that was how you learned once a month you weren’t pregnant#by some dude singing songs about the victory of it#you wake up and he’s there and you are so happy#this dude becomes your favorite dude#but then you realize you haven’t seen your friend’s minstrel in a while#I mean everyone notices#like half the people are on the same cycle so for one week out of four your job is just flooded with fucking minstrels everywhere#the cacophony#but Mary over there is all alone#and she’s like my minstrel is late#but we all fucking know#her minstrel has gone off to find her a baby#a nine month journey he must make alone#and until he comes back there is no music in her life#what a glorious world this would be#I love the minstrels (@onionjuggler)

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Miley: “Dad I have something for Tanners bug collection”

my uncle: “that’s great”

Miley: “it’s a bird”

my uncle: “no its not”

-chirping noise-


They let it go and it flew away just fine, so we’re wondering how she caught it.


she caught another bird.


update: she caught a squirrel today


She is gonna rule the world one day with this power

She’s a real Disney Princess
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